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Love the trailer, only one problem  ... Now my wife wants to bring everything but the kitchen sink!

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Owner's Tip: When we installed the carpet, we used velcro instead of gluing. This way we can remove it

to shake out the sand. 

       Thanks for the tip Shannon B.

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Thanks Bob B. for the great photo of your completed Tote'em Trailer.
Customer Gallery
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Tim W. "Cudos to the fiberglass man ... 2 primes & block sanding & I am ready to paint.  It looks great behind my bike"

Owner's Tip: Tires remember the loaded trailer is only 550 lbs. Full size tires are able to carry at least 1000 lbs each at full pressure. So reduce the air pressure on those big car tires to around 25 PSI. This will reduce the trailer bouncing as you tow.

                Thanks for the tip Joyce P.

Owner's Tip: One of the small battery powered LED lights that you touch to turn on workes great to light up the interior even when the trailer is not hooked up to the car. 
        Thanks for the tip Michael D.

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